Application Process

This fellowship is open to teams of up to ​four people (or organizations including journalism schools and media organizations).​ The team must include at least one journalism educator from a ​supporting post-secondary institution and one experienced journalist.

Applicants are expected to submit an outline for a proposed project (PDF format). The application should include a letter of reference attesting to the team’s capacity to deliver the proposed project and, where applicable, university or employer support for the candidate or team. Additional documentation such as undertakings of access or cooperation from third parties will be welcome. The judges will take into consideration the quality of the candidate’s presentation.

Applicants are advised to answer the following questions:

  1. How will this project improve​ the education of Canadian journalists and journalism students?
  2. What makes this project important and how ​​could it expand the knowledge of newsroom products, processes and practices?
  3. What is already known about the project’s topic, tactic or technique?
  4. How is this project of public importance and what is its potential public impact​ for journalism education?
  5. What will be the chief sources of information for your project? (Please list as many types of sources as apply.)
  6. What is your project’s roll-out plan? Be specific.

Applications must include an expression of interest and commitment from an employer, academic and/or educational institution.

If accepted, the project will acknowledge it was supported and funded by the Michener Awards Foundation. In addition, the project or a summary must be made available for posting on the website of the Michener Awards Foundation.

Applications for the Michener–L. Richard O’Hagan Fellowship are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted.