The Michener-Baxter Award for Exceptional Service to Canadian Journalism honours outstanding contributions to the cause of public interest journalism in Canada, by an individual who has been a working journalist and may have also served journalism in other ways. In exceptional circumstances, the award can be conferred on persons who have made extraordinary contributions to journalism without having worked as journalists themselves, or on organizations producing or supporting journalism and/or journalists.  

This award is intended to celebrate a consistent body of achievement that produced positive impacts on the world of journalism and benefited Canadian society in general. It is available to those whose influence has been felt locally, regionally or nationally, including those whose impact may not be well known beyond newsrooms. The recipient’s contributions will have principally served to help inform Canadian audiences. In some instances, the award can be bestowed posthumously. 

Michener-Baxter Award Recipients

  • 1984  Awarded posthumously to Clark Todd CTV London correspondent killed on assignment in Lebanon. 
  • 2009  Clark Davey 
  • 2010  Awarded posthumously to Michelle Lang, Calgary Herald reporter killed on assignment in Afghanistan. 
  • 2013  Bryan Cantley 
  • 2014  Alain Guilbert and Tim Kotcheff  
  • 2016  David Humphreys 
  • 2020  John Fraser, press release
  • 2022  Awarded posthumously to Norman Webster and John Honderich, and to Journalists for Human Rights, press release

The Michener-Baxter Award was established in 1983 and is presented at the discretion of the foundation’s board of directors. It has only been bestowed on 10 Canadians and one organization since its creation.

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