Help us celebrate exceptional journalism in Canada

Mélanie Béchard
November 15, 2021
printing press

With journalists providing the information we need to make informed decisions—about our health, our communities, our governments, and our world—their role has perhaps never been more vital than it is today.

For the first time ever, the Michener-Baxter Award for Exceptional Service to Canadian Journalism is accepting nominations from the public. This award—which is so prestigious that it has only been presented 8 times in the Michener’s 50-year history—celebrates individuals whose journalistic achievements have produced positive impacts on the world of journalism and have benefited Canadian society.

Each of the previous honourees have left indelible marks on print, broadcast, and digital journalism in Canada, whether as correspondents, editors, publishers, teachers, or executives.

Honoured in 1984 and 2010 respectively, Clark Todd and Michelle Lang were dedicated journalists whose coverage of conflicts in distant lands highlighted Canada’s role on the international stage. Both were killed in conflict zones, but their journalistic legacy remains a standard that today’s correspondents strive to achieve.

Fraser MacDougall was honoured in 1999 for his long and distinguished career as an executive with Canadian Press and the Ontario Press Council, as well as for his role on the inaugural Michener Awards Foundation board.

In recognition for a lifetime commitment and outstanding service to Canadian journalism and the newspaper industry, Bryan Cantley was honoured in 2013. As a reporter, editor, teacher, and vice-president of the Canadian Newspaper Association, Cantley spent his career in service to the ideals of a free press.

Clark Davey, the honouree in 2009, similarly spent a lifetime exemplifying the best in public service journalism. A newspaper publisher committed to supporting investigative journalism, Davey also lectured and served as director with a number of associations, including the Canadian Newspaper Association.

Tim Kotcheff and Alain Guilbert were honoured together in 2014. Working in broadcast and print journalism respectively, they were lauded for their service to public service journalism through their work with the Michener Foundation.

Honoured in 2016, David Humphreys spent his career working as a print journalist on publications across the country. He was also an active member of the Michener Board, dedicated to ensuring the continuation of the education fellowship.

The most recent honouree, John Fraser, was honoured in 2020 for his lifetime of dedication to print journalism in Canada. Following a career as a reporter, editor, and academic, Fraser is currently the executive chair of the National NewsMedia Council of Canada, a body that reviews and adjudicates complaints from the public about news media organizations.

Can you think of a journalist whose contributions are worthy of joining this distinguished group of award winners? If you can, please visit our webpage and submit your nomination before November 19, 2021.